Bharat Super Kids and Bharat International Kids, Badlapur, Maharashtra

Address: Hendrepada, Kulgaon, Badlapur West - 421503

Contact: +91 9607971918

A school is an institution designed to provide learning spaces and learning environments for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the direction of well-trained teachers.


We believe in Learning through play-way methods exploration Creativity, Love, Care, Sharing and most important The Confidence.



To develop an all-round personality of the students through various curricular and co-curricular activities.



To inspire in every child a love for learning and the confidence to explore, grow and achieve as an individual.


HISTORY - 50 Glorious Years 

The first parent branch of Bharat Group of Schools and Colleges, started in the year 1966 will be completing its 50 years of imparting education to the children of Thane.

Started in one room with just four students. This small seedling in a span of 50 years has grown into a big strong Banyan tree, having several branches which impart secular education to children of all casts and creed.


Our Branches - Click here to see our branches.


With just four students, one small room and one teacher, the founder Principal Mr. Thakur V. Saroopa started this school

called as Bharat English School.


Founder Principal - Late Mr. Thakur V. Saroopa : 



Bharat International Kids - The premier institution was started in 2007. Over the years, it has grown to accommodate children from all walks of life.


Bharat International Kids (Cambridge Proposed School) teaching under Cambridge International Education.


Today we have institutions imparting secular education at Badlapur, Thane East, Thane West, Kalwa, Mumbra, Diva and Dahisar Mori.


Our Chairman of Bharat Friends Association is "Mr. Bharat T. Saroopa".


Our Principal of Bharat Super Kids & Bharat International Kids, Badlapur is "Mrs. Meena Dabibaokar".



We take children from Primary, Middle and Secondary School through to the Senior Secondary level in a cohesive and well co-ordinated way keeping aloft the ideal of excellence all the way along. Exemplifying the very best in education delivered through a variety of media; like classroom lessons, edutainment, projects, field trips, experiments, workshops etc. We are also leveraging the power of the Internet to bring cutting edge educational content to children to enable their success in the knowledge ecosystem. We are Instilling the qualities of universal love, discipline, dedication and determination in the hearts of young ones. 


We have :-

  • Well lit and Airy Classrooms.
  • Comfortable benches and desks.
  • CCTV system, covering all classrooms and open areas.
  • Inverter power back up.
  • Kindergarten play area.
  • Play ground for children.
  • Well-equipped Library.
  • Fire Safety Equipments.